Coat Rack With Umbrella Holder

Have you seen a coat rack Ikea somewhere that you just fell in love with, are looking around for one, and ponder just how much are coat racks at Ikea? Should you check out the Ikea website, you will discover a large range of coat racks, standing coat racks, coat rack tree and coat rack benches to select from.

Coat racks come in numerous shapes, sizes, forms and construction materials. Coat racks possibly came into existence out of requirement due to deficiency in closet space, in order to have a place to hand or store them. Today, similar circumstances are getting them back into style. When big homes and walk in closets were all the style, there wasn’t a great deal of requirement for an additional coat rack. Now, with smaller houses, condos, as well as studio apartments in fashion, the coat rack is making a comeback. A coat rack could be easily relocated and placed where it is convenient. They are much less costly than putting in a new closet, and can make use of a typically wasted area of space. One which stands alone could be placed in a hall or entryway, or an empty corner of a bedroom or family room. One that utilizes hooks can be attached to any wall, freeing up floor space under it for further use. Coat racks are also utilized as ornamental items…some are very attractive and have styling to match up your interior decoration. These racks are incredibly affordable, and give a unique and homey touch when using them to adorn your house. They are available in a variety of finishes to fit in with your present furnishing schemes. If you are beautifying in a colonial style, for instance, you might consider a colonial design rack made of solid pine with cut dowel rods for hooks, obtainable for around sixty dollars. You might prefer the colonial look of solid cedar with brass hooks for an even more stylish yet simple design.

Do you prefer classic style furniture? There are many numbers of choices accessible to you in this design. One is the Coaster black metal classic coat rack, hat stand and umbrella holder. Or perhaps you would like this style with a charry wood finish to complement your present furniture.

Accent your contemporary home design with a sophisticated metal coat rack, or possibly a modern mirror coat rack for a unique accent piece. You may even like a contemporary single side coat rack which will hold up to sixty four garments should you be short on space. These come made up of wood or steel and are an extremely practical solution when you need lots of hanging space.

You can find several different styles of coat racks at Ikea. A basic black Portis coat stand made from steel, which is quite easily cleaned with a wet cloth, is offered for as low as $ 29.99. This standing coat rack Ikea makes a stunning piece of furniture. The Tjusig stand is made of solid Acacia wood and stainless steel, and is offered for $ 49.99. The Persby rack is another good choice…shaped like a teepee, this coat and hat rack is made from aluminum and stainless steel, and sells for merely $ 29.99.

You could also locate an Ikea coat rack with 5 hooks made of solid pine with zinc hooks for just $ 9.99 on their website. This rack is twenty two inches long, and easy to fix on any wall space. Still another great option would be the Tjusig black Ikea coat rack with 5 hooks made of hardwood and stainless steel and obtainable for $ 9.99.


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