Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Rod

Because of its peculiar and exquisite form, the clawfoot bathtub is a favorite alternative for the homeowner. Nothing beats the sophisticated impact of having an attractively crafted piece right inside the bathroom. Moreover, not only do these clawfoot bathtubs add a dash of elegance into an otherwise purely practical room, they are also ideal for long soaks in the tub, idyllic for those who need some sort of relaxation at the close of a hard day.

In the past, one of the major sacrifices a homeowner had to make upon choosing a clawfoot bathtub was that there was no preparation for quick showers, particularly for days when the user did not have enough time to soak in the tub. Modern clawfoot tubs ordinarily are accompanied by an attached wall shower for added serviceability. A shower curtain, shower curtain rings, a shower rod, and a shower fixture are all that the modern homeowner requires in order to equip their clawfoot tub with a shower enclosure. If you are interested in producing a shower curtain that you can put in around your existing bathtub, check out the five effortless steps we have prepared below.

Design plans

First, you need to plan what pattern you wish to utilize for the installation or “enclosure”. Some people prefer to install the curtain around the clawfoot tub in a type of halo pattern that will enclose the tub in a tight space. On the other hand, you can install a straight shower curtain rod to separate the bath area from the actual tub area, thus giving the bather more seclusion.

Take careful measurements

Use a measuring tape in order to calculate the “drop” once you have discovered which pattern or layout you will use. The “drop” refers to the length from the floor to the top of the shower curtain rod. Add four inches to the drop measure for an allowance.

Pick Out and purchase the fabric

It is a great idea to choose a fabric that is resistant to water and easy to take care of. Shower curtains are normally fabricated using effortless to care for alternatives. Take the overall design and style of your bathroom into consideration when picking out a pattern or solid shower curtain fabric.

Preparing the fabric

After you have bought the material that you will use for your shower curtain, you can cut the fabric based on your measurements and then sew or tape both ends to add durability. For those who don’t plan to use a sewing machine, you can simply use a waterproof fabric adhesive. Next, begin affixing the hooks equally along the top side of the material, doing so in 3-4 in. intervals.

Shower curtain installation

Last, attach the rings one by one onto the pre-installed shower curtain rod, checking that the right side of the material presents outward. Make sure that the clasps are aligned and strong. This will ensure that the shower curtain will stay in its position while you take a shower. Look for snags by moving the shower curtain about.

You can then finish embellishing your sophisticated bath by adding metal wall art in complementary designs, or tree wall art, botanical prints and wall vases overflowing with blooms for a chic English garden effect.


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