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Have you ever said to yourself that:

I wish I had enough energy to get through the day;

I need to lose some weight;

I wish I had an idea of how to possess a healthy body;

I wish I didn’t look so old and tired;

Is it possible to regain my health and avoid getting sick?

Now, what if I told you simply making one change in your routine and lifestyle would create many possibilities with respect to your health? Possess more strength and vitality for the entire day, lose some weight, quickly repair my body, improve health and feel younger.. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? There is much evidence that juicing.

The Basics

Juicing consists of extracting the nutrients in fresh fruits and raw vegetables. These nutrients, i.e. vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, are required by our body to function adequately. Being deficient can cause several problems such as hair loss, dry skin, weak immune system, lack of energy and depression. The human body needs to ingest these for normal body functions such as cell growth and regeneration, vision, strengthen the immune system and general health maintenance. It is obviously a necessity to consume these nutrients. Fresh juice is highly concentrated with vitamins and minerals which is absorbed into the blood when consumed.

From the above list of ailments, it is obvious that eating a diet with an appropriate balance of vitamins is critical to maintaining good health.

Why Juice?

I would like to list the top ten reasons why you should make juicing part of your routine.

1. Drinking fresh juice enables the various nutrients to enter the blood cells rather quickly. This is because the human system spends much less time processing the juice as it would eating whole fruit and vegetables. This fast absorption will allow your body to feel energized almost immediately and it is also quite lasting.

2. There is much nutritional value trapped in the fruit and vegetable fiber.; therefore, the possible benefits of the fiber are lost due to the inability of the digestive system to extract it. Juicing allows this nutritional value to be released allowing us to enjoy the benefit. This also highlights the importance of investing in a quality juicer, such as the Breville Juicer or the Omega J8004.

3. There are also vital nutrients in the parts of the fruit and vegetable that we do not eat (such as the peel). Juicing will extract these nutrients, thus allowing us to consume them.

4. Fresh juice could also act as a replacement for a meal. It provides the nutrients you need and can fill you up.

5. Juicing is known to detox, i.e. juice cleanse, the human body. As the body is more cleansed from juicing it is more effective at increasing energy levels and reduce medical issues.

6. Drinking fresh juice has also been known to help the digestive system function more efficiently, helping to relieve constipation and reduce the risk of colon cancer. A more efficient digestive system will assist in the absorption of vitamins and minerals more effectively and increase the rate of digestion.

7. It allows us to release enzymes used for digestion; which, are typically locked in the fiber of the fruits and vegetables.

8. It is also important to note that most commercial juices lack the appropriate nutrition while freshly juiced fruits and vegetables possess a wealth of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

9. The consumption of juiced vegetables and fruit assists in adapting a healthy way of life.. Speaking for myself, drinking juice is more enticing then eating plant food.. I find it much simpler to drink a glass of juice then eating the equivalent in vegetables and fruit. Delicious!.

10 We can lose weight and improve our health. Increasing our ingestion of these micronutrients may also deter us from eating less healthy foods.

Different Juicing machines

There are a variety of juicers on the market as well as different categories. They are as follows:

Centrifugal The two different categories of this type of juice are listed below.: Non Ejection Type and Ejection Type

Non Ejection Type: This design uses a shredding disk. There is a spinning basket, which stores the pulp inside and the juice passes through its holes and exits through a spout. The limitations of this type of juicer are that it can only make approximately one quart (just under a liter) before needing to disassemble and remove pulp. This juicer takes more time to clean in comparison to the others. The juice is of excellent quality. An example of this type of model is the Omega Juicer Model 9000.

Ejection Type: This model is very easy to use and clean compared to the above juicer.. The pulp is separated from the juice and is deposited into a canister at the back of the juicer. allowing for no delays in producing the juice. The Breville for example..


Utilizes a single gear driven by a motor. The low operational RPM grinds the fruits and vegetables placed into the juicer. This method typically keeps more of the fiber from the fruits and vegetables. The Champion model as an example.

Single Auger Juicer

This newer category of juicer operates by using a single auger which rotates at lower revolutions per minute (rpm). The plant food is pressed and moved forward. This allows the juice to flow into one receptacle and the pulp into another. Because of the low speed of the juicers in this category the nutritional value remains in tact. This is due to a reduced level of heat. An example is the Omega 8003.


This consists of inter-meshing twin gears to extract maximum juice. Since the speed is low the nutritional level is quite high. It possesses a higher cost then most and it takes much more time to clean. An example is the Greenstar 3000.

In Conclusion

Examining many of the benefits juicing has to offer I wish I possessed this knowledge sooner. I am someone who got sick a lot, had little energy, did not eat well or take care of myself. I used to get many aches and pains. In the short while I have been consuming juice I feel my energy levels rising and feeling less sick and warn down. It also has assisted in my mental faculties.

I recommend the consumption of fresh juice to anyone who possesses health issues, lethargy, feel they need to lose some weight, would like optimal health, and suffer from depression. In fact, I would recommend drinking at least a glass of juice per day to anyone.I mean, who doesn’t want to feel and look younger, lose some weight, increase energy levels, etc.


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