Ceiling Mounted Shower Curtain Rods

Are you aware that bath rods aren’t only for restrooms anymore? The truth is, they could work for several, many other things than simply holding up your shower curtain. You will be amazed after all the stunning creative methods shower curtains are being utilized today, and not just for restroom remodeling. At first hearing, you may consider that is a cute concept for college students on a budget, but forget about. Also some sophisticated interior developers utilize them, and here’s how.

Some of the very Unusual Places to Hang a Rod

First, inside bedroom. Who does previously think? You are able to cover an unappealing wall. Or you might make a closet addressing if for whatever reason there’s no necessity doors. You need to be cautious as you design, however. You can just use light fabrics because spring-loaded bath curtains won’t hold hefty textile. If you would like hefty material, utilize the type held by stud-mounted screws.

Perhaps one of the most gorgeous and innovative methods to attach bath rods is always to hang them from the roof across your bed. Then hang sheers that drape to create an attractive canopy. Cascade all of them along the wall surface for the extra touch. You may then have a headboard of sorts for your pillows.

How to Use Shower Curtains into the Kitchen, Panty and Sunroom

In your kitchen you can make use of them to drape an exposed pantry. Once you choose material for drape, usage either equivalent shade or a coordinating printing on all your valuable dining table linens and curtains, or vise/versa.

You could well keep your sunroom cooler. Also ventilated ones will often become miserably hot and heat up the surrounding areas also. To cool your sunroom down a little, make use of a spring-loaded curtain pole at both ends regarding the house windows, after that sew a half inch pocket which to slide the rods and drape the curtains to sweet the space. Creative and useful, eh?

Shower Curtain Rods the Bathroom

Shower curtains are really on the go today. Within the times of claw-footed tubs, baths often were held elsewhere. However now, thanks to the creation of this circular rod, we can bathe or shower inside bathtub. Chains support some rods, some also appear to float. Shower rods nevertheless hold shower curtains, however now we have many alternative methods to utilize them besides. Before, shower curtains hung from bands from an ordinary shower curtain, or decked out, the bath rod might sport bows, nevertheless now, the sky’s the restriction! Shower curtains are being utilized every-where to be an inexpensive option to have curtains. Imagine these types of a versatile family device that will do so a great deal.


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