Carpet Tiles For Basement

One of the newest trends in decorating for homeowners interested in Eco-friendly ideas is carpet tiles. These unique products were first created for installation in commercial offices. The modern materials are crafted from bio-products which make them a good solution for today’s homes.

With the wide variety of colors, patterns and themes, carpet tiles have become a preferred choice for minimalist interior design. They allow you to make a space that will reflect your personality with complementary carpet tiles for any room of the house.

It is easy to see that there are many benefits to using carpet tiles when they are put up against traditional carpeting techniques. There is no expensive padding to buy because you can lay them right over the sub-flooring. You won’t find any warping, shifting or moving with these tiles when you install them according to directions.

While it is unlikely that you will need to replace any of these tiles due to damage, it is good to know that you can do this for yourself. Carpet tiles can be found with adhesive backing and others that are dry-backed. Installation is simple in either case, and all you have to do is pull the paper off the adhesive backed kind or add a special adhesive or two-sided tape to the dry-backed ones.

Something else you will notice is that there is little waste with the easy installation. Tiles are typically tested for their antistatic properties and durability and they are easy to maintain.

Some homeowners test this product with bathroom installation using their DIY abilities. That is because it has a smaller area to cover and has come awkward shapes. When using this technique they generally find that they can enhance their decorating budget.

Carpet tiles aren’t as dense as traditional carpets, so they can easily work in a high-traffic area. Since most falls happen in the bathroom, you will reduce risk of falling drastically by installing carpet tiles. Note that experts discourage installing carpet tile in basement bathrooms unless they were treated with mold resistance to discourage the growth of mildew.

Kitchens pop with sophistication when bold colored carpet tiles are used. They incorporate the warmth and style of traditional carpeting, with the durability and clean-ability of a tiled kitchen floor. The kitchen is another accident-prone room, making carpet tiles a practical and cost-effective choice.

Dust and dirt are easy to remove with a vacuum, and stubborn stains are easy to rinse away by lifting the offending tile and washing it off in the sink. Just allow it to dray and replace it for an easy solution.

Your kid’s bedrooms will take on a whole new dimension when you decorate the floors with carpet tiles. Unique patterns like “Happy Landings”, featuring an airplane or “Raining Cats and Dogs” in “Orange Thunder” or “Blue Sky” create a bright and happy bedroom for your child.

If your home is equipped with a media room, it might be a shock to find that carpet tiles can absorb sounds. If you want to reduce reverberations and echoes, the perfect solution is adding acoustic flooring. You might even enjoy being able to crank up the sound on your favorite movies and tunes without worrying about disturbing others in the house.

There are numerous benefits to musicians when using carpet tiles to insulate the home studio. They help optimize the acoustic environment. They will help hold the sound from your music within the walls of studio even if you are a drummer!

When your decision is to use carpet tiles to improve your home dcor, bear in mind that you should choose products that are friendly to the environment. It will not take long for you to check for the CRI Indoor Air Quality label to find the right products. If you can find them look for mill overruns and keep these from going to a landfill.


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