Bed With Drawers Underneath

There are 3 designs of beds with drawers that are in demand today because of the practicality and style that this type of bed provides users. For those who are looking for the right storage bed, there is almost no limit to the beautiful styles and distinctive benefits, but each type has it own particular distinction. So before you make a choice on which bed you prefer, here is some basic information about the 3 designs that may help you make a better decision.

The plaform bed with drawers is the first very popular design that many people prefer because it tends to be built in a very sleek, contemporary styling. There are many choices in the type of bed that provide various amounts of drawers underneath as well as many beautiful finishes.

The captains bed is the second type of storage bed that is very popular among consumers who enjoy the rich heritage of the nautically inspired bed. Even though you can still find the bed in its nautical style, the bed has also been updated to offer other styles such as mission, cottage, colonial and more.

The captains bed also comes in any size you need such as twin, full, queen or king. You may select as little as 3 drawers on one side or a maximum of 14 drawers in a queen or king size bed.

The third type of bed with drawers is the simple storage bed frame that is built to fit bed drawers underneath. You can choose solid wood drawers or lower cost cloth or plastic drawers to slide underneath storage bed frames. The best benefit of using this type of bed frame is the low cost compared to a platform or captains bed. No matter which type of bed with drawers that you choose, you are sure to be pleased with the practicality and versatility of the design which also comes in various finishes and styles.


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