Bathroom Towel Racks

Life for the wealthy offers them many luxuries that the average homeowner feels is above their means. One of those luxuries is heated towel racks. Most people consider these amenities for the rich and famous not realizing they are offered at many home supply stores for every day use. They are available in a variety of designs and styles and are affordable for almost everyone.

No longer are these bathroom accessories only for the expensive suites of inns and hotels. They are available for homeowners who want to feel like they are in one of these rooms on vacation. They allow you to pamper yourself every day when you step out of the shower and into that bath sheet that is more than room temperature.

These bars not only heat the bath sheets for you, they can offer a regulating wrap to prevent you from getting cold after bathing and can dry the cloth quick to prevent mildew from setting in because it is hung up wet. They are great for individuals with arthritis because they are tepid and ease pain in the joints.

When looking for these special bars, you should consider the decor of the rest of the room. You want to choose something that is contemporary and will complement its surroundings. You may decide to use a free standing unit because it is more convenient for your needs or one that attaches directly to the wall.

If you travel and want the same amenities that you have at home, there are portable units that attach directly to the existing rack. They will fit nicely in a suit bag for easy transportation and plugs directly into the nearest wall outlet.

Most of these rods are relatively inexpensive. The permanent ones can be costly but most free standing and portable models are very affordable. Choosing the one that fits your needs could be difficult. You should first consider the type you are looking for and then decide whether you want a permanent fixture of something that requires less fuss.

Heated towel racks make a great holiday gift for someone you love. Most manufacturers do not recommend using portable units in a bathroom where only small children use it. A permanent fixture would be more suited to lavatory for a child. Research these types of rails before venturing out to make your purchase. In doing so, you will be better educated on what is available, what your needs are and the amount of money you are willing to spend.


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