Bathroom Curtain Sets

Is it really possible to redecorate the bathroom for only $ 500? Find out how…

It’s important to include good cleaning products in the budget. Cleanliness is next to godliness, isn’t it? And if there were one place in the house that you would want to be “godly,” then that would have to be the bathroom. Say goodbye to mildew, molds, stains and whatever filth there is that decided to make your bathroom a permanent home.

Once you’ve finished your chemistry lesson in the bathroom, spruce things up with fresh paint. Blue is one of the best shades for a bathroom, since practically everyone loves it and it’s uplifting in such a small space. Plan on spending about $ 30 for paint.

The shower curtain is perhaps the most overused bathroom item. It gets constantly wet, dries up, then gets wet again. Plus, it doesn’t get changed that often, does it? Set aside $ 25 for a nice shower curtain.

Here’s the tricky part. Swap out the existing cabinets and wash stands for new bathroom “furniture.” If you have built-in cabinets, this can be a real chore, so you might want to enlist the help of a more experienced and knowledgeable friend or relative if you’re not up to speed on this kind of change. Look for bathroom furniture sets that come with combinations such as a wash-basin base or cabinet, a tall cabinet, a wall shelf, a mirror with shelf and another base cabinet. These sets provide sufficient storage space and are usually made with surfaces that are easy to clean. If it all won’t fit in your bathroom, you can easily sell the leftovers and recoup some of your investment. Cost of a set like this is around $ 200.

Invest $ 40 for a new showerhead, especially if your old one has already turned a rusty color and whisks water instead of “showers” it.

It’s time to start thinking about the accessories that put zip into the bathroom. Many people find candles in the bathroom romantic, but they can also be space-wasters and dust-catchers. Instead try a quality tealight tray for around $ 50 for one prominent display. Next buy a set of hooks for about $ 20 and attach it to the back of the bathroom door to hang bathrooms and keep dirty towels off the floor. Then find a sleek aluminum waste can small enough to fit into any bathroom space; cost is around $ 30. Finish off the accessories with a quality area rug in a complementary color.

After the reinstallation of fixtures, repainting and accessorizing, you still have some bucks left. Why not buy new towels and give your old fabrics a break? Consequently, you’ll love the feel and smell of new plush towels and robes. Heavenly!


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