Banquettes have emerged as the secret weapon for interior decorators as they are comfortable, space saving and useful not in just one but in every room. Surely, there is a just right banquette out there hardly depending on whether your space is large or small, an apartment or a house, classic or modern. Check out few reasons to live and love with this large but comfortable piece of furniture.
Banquettes can seat a crowd with ease. The big size banquettes can easily fit large groups and appears less cluttered than individual chairs. For over-sized banquettes, it is advisable to try using a pair of tables instead of one long table, so there would be a proper passage for people seated in middle.
Banquettes radiate coziness. Looking forward to bring warmth and comfort to your living space? Try out a banquette tucked n beside the fireplace. A plushy upholstered, tufted version is the ultimate in cozy furniture.
They make an apartment appear more polished. If you wish your apartment, whether rent or own, to feel more polished and finished, then do not forget to consider bringing in a banquette. Placed in a corner, even a freestanding piece can give you a look of built in, lending your space a feeling of elegance and permanence.
Enhance small spaces. A petite upholstered banquette will add elegance to your kitchen, transforming what could have been a forgotten corner into a welcome destination for morning coffee or evening snacks.
Perfect option for kids. A banquette is brawny enough to stand up to rambunctious kids climbing all over it and offers ample of space for wiggly little ones to stretch out. One can also try out in dining room to make family diners more comfortable, or in the playroom, nestled in with a craft table.
They can provide hidden storage. These sturdy pieces of furniture often come with built-in storage, making them a lifesaver in small spaces. Stow kids’ toys in a playroom banquette, linens and platters in a dining room or kitchen banquette while movies and other media in a family room. In a kitchen, it can be made from affordable Ikea cabinets along one wall providing ample storage. The custom-made cushion covers are removable and washable, ideal for a busy family.
Versatility. In the living room, it can go from comfy reading corner in the day to romantic candle lit dining spot in the evening – all you need is to pull up a table. In a corner, a table and chair can be pulled closer to create an inviting dinning are that invites more people.
Use to add function to awkward spaces. If you have a sliver of space then does not let it go in a waste. In a narrow bedroom passage, slender passage is a handy seat for putting on and taking off shoes. A small piece can also be used in kitchen to fill a gap between two cabinets, providing guests a place to perch and chat with the cook.
Friendly vibe. Whether it’s a promise to comfort that a big expanse of seating offers, or nostalgia for classic diners, there is just something about banquettes that feels cheerful and welcoming.


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