Armless Slipper Chair

The versatile armless slipper chair that used to be a part of bedroom furniture with its traditional styling and charming appearance is now a piece of living room furniture. It is now seen as the most distinguishable chair. What was earlier the slipper chair seen in bedrooms, has begun to be an item of office room furniture, and is also seen in family rooms. The slipper chair is now a part of living room furniture and is seen as the accent chair.

The armless slipper chair of yesteryear is now the accent chair of modern times. It has its own unique, ornate, and traditional styling. The slipper chair, in olden days, was used in the bedroom for ladies, to enable them to get dressed comfortably. Because of its low styling it is very comfortable to sit, put on and take off your shoes. It has an armless seat and a straight back, making it easy to be moved around in the home. Though the armless slipper chair was made of wood in the olden days, it is now made of different kinds of materials to suit modern times and decor. It is now available in wood, metal or plastic.

It also could be used as supplemental seating in a living room, with a sofa and other chairs. Often, they could be placed in front of the windows so that elderly people could sit down and view the outside scenery. Because of its low-slung seating it was found to be very comfortable for the elders.

Compared to dining chairs, slipper chairs are lower in height. They are even lower than desk chairs. Specially designed slipper chairs are readily supplied by furniture dealers. Leather upholstered and fashionable fabric covered slippers chairs, can be got in different colors and designs and various sizes.

Accent chairs are being integrated with living room designs by professional architects to blend with the interior, and give a contemporary and classic look to their designs.

These slipper chairs can make a good addition to seating capacity in a room. When two chairs and a small table are placed strategically in a room, a board game or a card game can be played, for relaxing a bit.

The slipper chair can be tucked in a corner with a small table will serve as a reading point. Two chairs placed alongside a window on one side will provide the place for a private conversation between two people. These armless slippers chairs, easily portable, can serve different purposes performing a single room function to multi-room functions.

The slipper chair, gives an additional seat when it is placed with a sofa along with other furniture. Choosing the right color and design combined with size, adds to the interior decoration, of the room. Apart from adding space it serves its usefulness and purpose.

This versatile and comfortable armless slipper chair, occupying a place in your living room transforms your home into a beautiful and attractive home.


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