Alfa Pizza Oven

They have an avid team of pros, obsessed on the oversimplified and marvellous means of cooking, with a few years experience using professional wood fired ovens and information of the specialised cooking. The company has sold-out a wide range of business and residential wood fired ovens so you recognize you’re getting quality service. Commercial Ovens of Alfa Pizza have more than 20 wood fired ovens out there.

There are four totally different ranges in order that they are absolute to have the proper kitchen appliance for your needs. You know after you are shopping for from Alfa Pizza that you just are receiving associate degree authentic, Italian made business kitchen appliance. Not solely that however you’ll be able to be assured that the kitchen appliance has been factory-made from the best quality refractory materials in Toscana, Italy. Alfa Pizza ovens stay the first and also the best with more than 250,000 commercial and domestic wood fired ovens sold-out worldwide. You do not have to buy pizza elsewhere to induce the nice wood fire pizza experience. You’ll be able to experience the enjoyment of wood fired cooking reception with a 100% Italian made Alfa Pizza kitchen appliance, made of ‘cotto’ clay sourced from the amazing hills of Tuscany.

Alfa Pizza Wood fired Ovens specialize in premium-quality, finely crafted Tuscan-style wood fired ovens and offers the biggest vary of residential wood fired ovens in Italy. With many totally different models and numerous sizes to settle on from, we bring to you the best kitchen appliance to fit your budget, style and setting. If you prefer the wood fire kitchen appliance is right for your outdoor room. The outdoor wood fired ovens are additional versatile than a barbeque and not solely supply fantastic tasting food, but give an inexpensive and low maintenance different. These ovens give quite simply an area to cook. They produce a unforgettable eating experience and creates a good atmosphere. If you’re searching for premium quality pizza tools and accessories, then Alfa Pizza Wood fired Ovens will assist you. they need an intensive vary of high-quality skilled and residential tools, as well as pizza peels, kitchen appliance brushes, dough ball trays, screens and accessories. Our choice of pizza making tools are lightweight weight, sturdy and most significantly, assist the cook in manufacturing the proper pizza.

Alfa Pizza has an internationally recognized pizza cook willing to share his techniques and fervour for cooking with you. You’ll be able to are available in and learn more about cooking in your wood fired ovens. You can learn the way to make the proper hearth, learn the secrets to making the proper pizza dough from scratch and the way at hand stretch dough like a professional.


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