Acid Wash Concrete Floors

Staining tangible with acid is an approach which has been around for a number of years, but has seen a big increase in popularity. Concrete just isn’t known for its beauty, however it is known as the many durable and easy to maintain areas in the house. If you utilize acid staining for cement you could get the sensible area, minus the ugly grey color it often has actually. Generally, acid stains will contains planet tones. This means you may get your dull concrete to check like unique marble or expensive rock.

If you are maybe not the do-it-yourself variety of person you’ll employ a contractor to complete your acid stain concrete job. For a simple work you will definitely almost certainly pay around $ 4 per square foot. If you prefer an even more detailed and intricate structure (multiple colors and designs) you will be charged you from $ 4-$ 10 per sq ft. If you simply want a fundamental work done it’s advocated which you do a do it your self. In place of having to pay a contractor $ 4 per square foot, you may get it done for $ .50-$ 1.00 per square foot, and it surely will only just take a few hours over 2 days to complete the job. Even if you tend to be a DIY beginner, you should be in a position to deal with this sort of task. Listed below are four actions on how best to acid stain concrete.

Get Your Materials

You need to make sure which you have got all materials necessary before starting the task. Since you is supposed to be working with a weak acid it is essential you shield yourself totally. What this means is putting on lengthy sleeves and lengthy jeans, safety attention use, a face mask, and gloves. Various other materials required include: Acid concrete stain, sealer, concrete cleaner, broom, wet vac, sprayer, paint tray, and a roller.

Prepare The Surface

Since the acid stain is semi clear any blemishes or cracks in the concrete will show-through. Hairline splits will give your acid stained floor much more personality, but anything else must certanly be repaired. You need to cleanse the cement towards the most readily useful of your capability, the better you get it to appear now the better it will probably take care of you apply the stain.

Apply The Stain

There are a few techniques to try this action, but I prefer to use an all plastic sprayer. One person should spray regarding acid stain towards the cement even though the other follows behind and brushes it in with a broom. This will leave brush shots so the sprayer is going throughout the area once again. Repeat this process until the entire flooring is covered.

Clean The Floor

Wait the proper length of time when it comes to substance reaction to completely take place, then counteract the top with a mixture of cooking soft drink and liquid. Additionally wish to clean it twice to eliminate any extra residue.

Employ The Sealer

Once the ground is wholly dry you need to use 2-3 coats of sealer with your paint roller. When the final coating is dried out you can begin making use of your gorgeous new floor. This might be a simplified guide on acid stained concrete flooring. Click this link for a complete, detail by detail, step-by-step guide on how to stain concrete floors.


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