26 Inch Counter Stools

Nowadays people opt for houses with open kitchen rather than the traditional types. Open kitchens are user friendly and it makes it easier to serve food on the dining table. Many modern residences use counter stools in their open kitchens. These days, the modern kitchens have counter tops with counter stools as well along with a dining set comprising of a medium sized dining table with matching dining chairs.

Differences you ought to know –

There is a vast difference between dining chair and counter stools, some of the differences are listed below –

* Height: The heights of regular dining chairs in USA are around 18-19 inches. These dining chairs are best suited for 28-30 inch high tables. The height of the counter stools on the other hand are 24-26 inches. These stools can be easily used with 28-30 inch high tables in the kitchen. The stools are best suited for the counter tops of open kitchens. Counter stools are comfortable for those quick meals where in you would like to chat with the diner while you cook or while you are preparing for a meal. The foot rail of the stool depends on the height of the stool and is present to help you easily place your feet while sitting, thus helping you sit in a comfortable posture.

* Usability: Owning the right type of furniture and placing them in the right places as per your lifestyle makes life a lot better. If you have kids, you would love to have a little chat when they get ready for school and when they come back home, same goes with your partner, let your partner relax after a busy on the couch/ dining chair or on the counter stool in front of you while you prepare the dinner. You can also sit on the counter stool to chop all your vegetables and meat. This way you can relax and cooking will seem to be a pleasure than a chore.

* Style: When purchasing furniture for your kitchen area, you will definitely come across furniture of varied styles, opt for the one that suits the interiors of the rest of your home. Make sure that your kitchen does not loot out of place. Try to find counter stools and dining chairs that are comfortable and suits your style and needs.

* Adjustable and custom-made: If in case the designs and styles you are looking for is not available in the furniture stores around you, then you can also opt for furniture that are custom made and the ones that are adjustable.. The adjustable and custom made counter stools are commonly found in restaurants. This can also be ordered for your kitchen where you have counter tops.

Always make it a point to measure the stools and the dining chairs and make sure to leave adequate amount of space between the top of your leg to the underside of your counter or dining table. The standard amount of space that is kept between the stools and dining chairs with counter tops / dining tables should be around 9-12 inches.


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