100 Egyptian Cotton Percale Sheets

Are you looking towards investing in linen bed sheets and are confused with regards to which one to buy? Do know that satin and percale cotton bed sheets are popular options on the racks of bedding and linen stores, and are the most common buys. Alongside, bamboo bedding (linen/ bed sheets) serves as a novel entrant in this field and is fast gaining popularity too. Read on for how contemporary linen bed sheets are making a marked difference in commercial environments and personal spaces, and finer ways of choosing the right ones.

Fabric vs. Weave

There is a marked difference between fabrics and weaves, especially as far as cotton bed sheets are concerned. While satin and percale are types of weave; linen, cotton, and bamboo are different kinds of fabric. Considering that you will be spending quite a few hours in bed, you need to select your linen sets with care. For instance, you may like to go in for soft and comfortable fabrics that are finely woven to impart a higher durability quotient to your choice of cotton bed sheets.

Percale Bed Linen

Generally made of blend of polyester and cotton, 100% cotton, or a mix of other fabrics in pre-defined ratios, percale is a good choice for your bed linen. It boasts of 200 threads per count of inch or more. Though 100% cotton percale bed sheets are costlier than their counterparts, they are of superior quality and tend to last longer. Firm and smooth in texture, percale has no shine, and washes very well. In most cases, a higher thread count relates to bedding sheets of better quality. So, choose accordingly.

Satin Bed Linen

Satin denotes a kind of weave, not fiber. Satin bedding sheets can be made of different fibers like silk, nylon, cotton, polyester, etc. For example, commonly available satin weaves have four stitches over, as well as one stitch under, to offer a higher proportion of thread on a single side of a cotton bed sheet. This factor helps satin give off that luxurious feel and look it’s known for. Sheets with satin weaves feel softer to skin and are often the top priority while choosing quality bedding.

Bamboo Bed Linen

Manufactured from bamboo plant pulp, bamboo bed sheets are meticulously crafted from bamboo fiber blended with cotton or 100 percent bamboo fiber. Largely recommended for its softness, pure bamboo fabric is long-lasting, lightweight, and firm in texture (in spite of its soft qualities).

Linen Bed Sheets-the Way Forward

Though many traditional bedding fabrics buyers still prefer to go the old way and choose their bed linen in cotton, flannel, polyester and so forth, it’s good to understand the advantages of using other kinds of bed linen, such as satin, percale, and bamboo too.


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